What happened on the day

The Symposium was held at in the School of Design at CMU on October 15. Approximately 60 people attended – the group included senior professors, academic leaders, design practitioners and PhD and Master students from around the world.

The day commenced with an introduction by Cameron and Laurene and then proceeded on to be a series of facilitated conversations between panel members and the attendees.

Symposium Introduction

Design PhD Crit Symposium Participants

The Schedule for the day was the following.

8-9am                   Breakfast

9-9:30am                Intro

9:30-10:45              First Session
PhDs that Push Practice
(how to make the outcomes of Design PhD research have a more direct relation to practice)
Discussion Leaders: Hugh Dubberly, Maria Hellström Reimer, Lisa Grocott

10-45-11:15             Coffee

11:15-12:30     Second Session
Models of Multi-Modality
(issues related to submissions in multiple media and artifacts)
Discussion Leaders: Pia Ednie-Brown, Anne Burdick, Pelle Ehn

12:30-1:30              Lunch

1:30-2:45               Third Session
Quality Control in Changing Institutions
(questions of rigor and reliability when higher education is under pressure to change)
Discussion Leaders: Teal Triggs, Andrew Morrison, James Elkins

2:45-3                          Break

3-4:15                          Fourth Session
Internationally Networking Design PhDs
(the pragmatics of building exchanges between Design PhD programs)
Discussion Leaders: Bo Westerlund, Andrew Morrison, Teal Triggs and Pia Edni-Brown with Laurene and Cameron

4:15-4:30               Conclusion