Provocations & Responses

The following is a list of some of  some of the issues which we are posing as the basis for this critique. A full briefing document is available as a link below.

  • The terminal degree for design educators?
  • The PhD in relation to tenure for design educators
  • Design practice as research
  • Design vs Art vs Performance as research
  • Artefact vs Text as evidence of research
  • Artefact vs Text as means for dissemination
  • Developing a design research canon
  • Research training
  • Modes of submission and examination
  • Ethics/IRB in relation to design research
  • Design research by the individual, in collaboration and applied
  • Practitioners as students – implications for part time, distance and life long learning
  • PhD as teacher training

A full briefing document can be found here

Critiquing the North American Design PhD

Pages from Critiquing the North American Design PhD

There is now a collection of responses to the Briefing Document by the invited speakers and the symposium participants. These can be downloaded below