In addition to the invited speakers, we invited participation in this symposium from members of the design community. As the symposium was designed to be a conversation between speakers and participants, numbers were limited to 30. In addition to this community people were encouraged to participate by submitting a personal statement to add to the body of points that will inform this critique.

The process:

All participants were asked to read through the briefing document and then submit a 1-2 paragraph response to one or more issues raised in the Briefing Document (see the Provocations page) ,  by email to These responses were to include their name, and industry or university role and affiliation.

Those who wished to physically attend the workshop were requested to indicate this in their email.

There was a $75 fee for attending the symposium as a faculty member or working professional, and $25 fee for attending as a student. This registration fee included  breakfast and lunch.